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Dry Van Trucking

Trans BC Freightways has dry vans and as you probably know, a dry-van is basically a massive box with wheels. Unlike a shipping container, however, dry vans are connected to a tractor vehicle directly instead of being loaded onto a flatbed. A dry-van does not make a good candidate for sea or air transit, and anything shipped by dry-van will have to be transferred to another platform to travel over the ocean. Like a standard shipping container, however, most dry-vans are equipped with a wooden floor and many also have rails or tracks inside that can be used to secure a load.

The limitations of a dry-van come in size, proportion, and sometimes weight. Length and height can vary between types, but width is almost always the same. The standard dimensions of a dry-van’s cargo area are considered to be:

- 53 feet in length,
- 8 feet and 6 inches in width,
- and 9 feet in height.

Check with the freight company for specifics, but know that most dry-vans can legally handle no more than 45,000 pounds.

The only type of material a dry-van is not likely to carry is a liquid, hence the term “dry-van.” The exception is liquids that are packaged in containers specifically designed for liquid shipping. Your dry-van shipper may have these available for service, or you may have to procure some on your own.

inside dry van

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