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Trans BC Freightways Genset (or G/S) is an abbreviation of generator set which normally is equipped a generator (alternator) and a driven diesel engine assembling in one package which generates 220V or 440V AC power for supply electric power to Reefer container exclusively during reefer container is transporting by rail train on a flatcar or hauled on the road on a semi-trailer or in a place where no 3 phase AC power is available.

Once reefer reaches terminal or loads on board, reefer unit will connect to terminal / or shipboard electric power thus genset is not required.

In order to avoid reefer commodity quality from deterioration, we suggest shipper / consignee to use genset to keep reefer’s refrigeration unit working on the way during transportation. In case no genset available, you may transport reefer without genset with following condition.

In chill Winter time a. chill cargo : within 4 hour, provided ambient temperature is close to or lower than commodity required temperature. b. Frozen cargo : within 6 hour, provided commodity existing temperature is -18 deg celsius or lower.

Reefer power in worldwide trend is to adopt 380 - 460V 3 phase AC power thus most of our reefer fleet and genset fleet are equipped with the said power system and only a small portion are equipped 220V 3 phase AC power system.

In Summer time a. Chill cargo : within two hour travelling distance b. Frozen cargo : within 4 hour travelling distance

Provided to transport reefer in early morning or in the night that keep off sunshine (sun radiative heat). It is essential that reefer commodity must be pre-cooled to the required temperature prior to stuffing into reefer container



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