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Ocean Cargo

Ocean Cargo

To and from port transportation is a critical part of many supply chains. That means you need access to a reliable port freight service that gets your product delivered on time. However, navigating how to get your product from Point A to Point B can be a complicated process, from determining the best freight routes to figuring out the most efficient way to get your product to your warehouse.

As an experienced freight forwarder, Trans BC Freightway is your logistics partner. Whether you’re shipping full container loads or less than container loads, our full suite of ocean shipping and logistics options is at your disposal. Our vast network of industry contacts and freight expertise enable us to provide customized logistics solutions to meet your needs. We streamline your shipping process, getting your product into your customer’s hands in the fastest and most-efficient way possible.

Once your product reaches port, you can take delivery of your goods, or utilize our extensive trucking, air freight and/or rail services to ensure your products get to their final destination seamlessly and without delays.

Our Prices


Various fees apply to different port uses. Fees at the Port of Vancouver are set by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Fees are amended regularly to reflect changes in port use, in accordance with Section 49 of the Canada Marine Act. 



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The Largest Shipping Service Worldwide

We handle a diversity of freight from worldwide destinations, and are confident that we can meet any hauling challenge.

01. Hauling Containers

Hauling Containers

The flow of goods across the seas is increasing everyday allowing many organizations to expand their sales around the world. Trans BC Freightways is proud to offer a wide range of services in connection with this type of work. Our crew has become highly experienced and skilled at dealing with hauling, loading, and unloading oversea shipping containers. Our terminals are ideally...

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02. Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Our years of experience in handling dangerous goods make us the best choice for transporting specialized cargo. Trans BC Freightways has the equipment and manpower to execute dangerous goods in and out of Canada while complying with all legislative requirements and industry standards...

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03. Reposition Containers

Reposition Containers

Trans BC Freightways Repositioning begin immediately after a container has been unloaded and it is important since it involves costs that must be assumed by the shippers and are reflected by the costs paid by producers and consumers...

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04. Gensets


Trans BC Freightways Genset (or G/S) is an abbreviation of generator set which normally is equipped a generator (alternator) and a driven diesel engine assembling in one package which generates 220V or 440V AC power for supply...

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05. Cross Dock

Cross Dock

Trans BC Freightways Speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important factor of growth for organizations. Cross-docking is just one strategy that can be implemented to help achieve a competitive advantage. Implemented appropriately and in the...

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06. Transloading


Trans BC Freightways as a transloading facility, we are strategically located at the crossroads of seven major transportation networks (including CP Rail, BNSF and CN Rail). This strategic location offers a unique opportunity for industry players to ...

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07. Import & Export

Import & Export

Trans BC Freightways offers a complete range of import and export ocean freight services including general cargo, specialized items, oversized cargo, heavy equipment, hazardous materials (hazmat)...

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08. Flatbed


Trans BC Freightways has Flatbed Trailers, and Specialized Trucking Trailers such as Step Deck Trailers, RGN – (Removable Gooseneck Trailer), Lowboy Trailers, Dry Vans, PO (Power Only), Flatbed Stretch Trailer...

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09. Local LTL Service

Local LTL Service

Trans BC Freightways LTL is an acronym for a shipment that is less than a truckload. This means a shipment that does not require a full 53-foot trailer. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way to deal with smaller loads, but not many carriers offer this service.

Trans BC Freightways offers LTL service to our entire lower mainland of British Columbia coverage...

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10. China Top 48 Foot

China Top 48 Foot

Trans BC Freightways has 48 foot trailers in this design, the top of the trailer is solid, and some even have a regular door on the rear. It is the sides of this trailer that make the difference. Each wall is actually a tarp material that can creates a curtain that can be securely fastened to the frame of the deck, creating a load bearing wall.

These trailers can be loaded or unloaded easily from the sides, as only one curtain at a time can be unfastened if needed. If a driver is making multiple short trips in one day, both curtains can fastened...

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11. Night Time and Weekends

Night Time and Weekend

Trans BC Freightways understands that you may occasionally – or even always – require special delivery services and unique shipping arrangements. That’s why we provide night time and weekend special delivery services designed...

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12. Bonded Service

Bonded Service

Bonded carriers can bring a load of goods past the port of entry into Canada to an authorized location without customs release. They can do this because they were required to post financial security for $5000 to $25,000 with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

What is Bonded Freight?

In-bond shipments are freight that is not released at the border. The freight is instead moved inland by a bonded carrier to obtain release by CBSA or to simply move through Canada to another country of import.

Trans BC Freightways provides a bond for a truck...

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13. Fully Secured Storage Facilities

Fully Secured Storage Facilities

We have your Vancouver commercial storage solution with more than 90,000 square feet of storage space. We have a fully-secured warehouses that is ready to accommodate any size and scope commercial storage need. Whether we are..

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14. CFIA Certified Warehouse

CFIA Certified Warehouse

Does your freight require a safe haven before it hits the road again?

Entrust it with Trans BC Freightways, strategically located and equipped with 90,000 square feet of indoor CFIA certified storage, and 5 acres of outdoor storage, managed by a competent staff...

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15. 15 Acres of Storage

15 Acres of Storage

Trans BC Freightways For many years, we have helped people of British Columbia find the best storage facilities for their needs. Our storage range in any size from 10x20 feet to 2000x20 feet. All of our storage areas are very secure and are typically...

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16. Repair Shipping Containers

Repair Shipping Containers

Doors aren’t shutting right. This is the most common problem in containers. The reason is that if you load your container, it can shift the way the container is sitting on the ground ever so slightly. Just ¼” can make opening the doors trickier...

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17. Manufacture & Repair Chassis

Manufacture & Repair Chassis

Trans BC Container Services offers a full range of manufacturing, chassis service and modification options. Our experienced technicians are ready to...

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18. Express Services

Express Services

We offer low cost solutions for your ground, ocean and air freight shipping with out sacrificing speedy and cordial service. From local to long-distance deliveries, hot shot to regular service, Trans BC Freightway offer our full range of vehicles to cater to the size of freight or shipment.

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"No matter what was going on they have always been professional, helpful, and 100% understanding when the unexpected bumps happen along the way. Any time day or night we are able to give them a call if an issue arises and they are there for us until the problem is solved. They offer reliable container, truckload and LTL services, with good rates."

- by Brian

"Your staff has been a tremendous asset to our company as you continue to provide us with excellent service and care for both your customer and for us as a carrier. There is really nothing that has ever been a hassle for us with Trans BC Freightway."

- by Debbie

"We have been working with Trans BC Freightway since 2003 and have been very satisfied all along the way because all the staff is very friendly, professional and easy to get along with. They understand our needs and go above and beyond to ensure we’re taken care of and that the job always gets done the right way."

- by Jordan