TBC Dangerous Goods Carrier

TBC Dangerous Goods Carrier

We Can Help Shipping Dangerous Goods - TBC

Our years of experience in handling dangerous goods make us the best choice for transporting specialized cargo. Trans BC Freightways has the equipment and manpower to execute dangerous goods in and out of Canada while complying with all legislative requirements and industry standards. Rest assured all personnel engaged in this service is certified and trained on hazardous materials and dangerous goods handling.

Dangerous Goods: Classified

Both the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the international regulatory agencies recognize nine classes of dangerous goods:

Class 1: Explosives - Fireworks, airbag inflators, ammunition, etc.

Class 2: Gases - Aerosols, fire extinguishers, propane cylinders, etc.

Class 3: Flammable liquids - Paints, lacquers, alcohols, etc.

Class 4: Flammable solids, spontaneous combustibles, and “dangerous when wet” materials - Matches, carbon, sodium batteries, etc.

Class 5: Oxidizers - Hydrogen peroxide, ammonium nitrate fertilizers, pool chlorine, etc.

Class 6: Toxic or infectious substances - Medical waste, dyes, pesticides, etc.

Class 7: Radioactive materials - Density gauges, medical treatment products, uranium, etc.

Class 8: Corrosives - Acids/acid solutions, batteries, iodine, etc.

Class 9: Miscellaneous - Dry ice, internal combustion engines, first aid kits, etc.