Manufacture & Repair Chassis

TBC Manufacture & Repair Chassis

Manufacture & Repair Chassis

Trans BC Container Services offers a full range of manufacturing, chassis service and modification options. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist in providing solutions for your chassis needs. From inspections and general roadability maintenance to full tear-downs and re-manufacturing. BCSI also offers service packages for volume based clients as well as ongoing maintenance for off-lease chassis stored in our facility.

Manufacture & Repair Chassis : The chassis frame forms the backbone of a heavy vehicle so the chassis must be able to safely carry the maximum load for which the vehicle is designed. The chassis also absorb engine and drive-line torque, endure shock loading and accommodate twisting caused by uneven road surfaces.

Modifications & Rigorous Testing : Satisfactory performance of a heavy vehicle chassis is the result of careful design and rigorous testing. Consequently, no modification to a chassis frame should be made before consultation with the vehicle manufacturer or an engineer experienced in commercial vehicle chassis modifications. This will ensure that any proposed chassis modification will not reduce the vehicle’s safety or performance.

Chassis Types : Monocoque, Space frame, Ladder type, Chassis rails, Single skin, Double skin

Reasons for Chassis Modifications

The most common reasons for chassis modifications are:

  • to increase or decrease the wheelbase
  • to increase front or rear overhang
  • to increase the gross vehicle mass rating by adding additional axles
  • to meet special body requirements such as low load height
  • to repair the chassis after an accident or overstressing
  • to accommodate localised loading imposed by special equipment such as hoists, cranes or large fuel tanks.