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Our years of experience in handling Containers. Sometimes Non-Scheduled movement of loaded containers forces shipping companies to reposition empty containers.

We (TBC) have years of experience in solutions of these kind of problems of Empty Container Repositioning (ECR). Empty container repositioning is a widespread problem in the industry. We can’t entirely avoid empty repositioning as long as there are trade imbalances. We provide professional container repositioning services.

Repositioning costs can also get lower if imbalances are acute as carriers (and possibly terminal operators) will offer discounts for flows in the reverse direction of dominant flows. However, if costs are high, particularly for repositioning containers inland, shortages of containers may appear on export markets.

The Major Causes of this includes:

  • Trade imbalances
  • Repositioning costs
  • Revenue generation
  • Manufacturing and leasing costs
  • Usage preferences

Container repositioning can take place at three major scales, depending on the nature of the container flow imbalances. Each of these scales involves specific repositioning strategies:

  • Local (Empty interchange)
  • Regional (Intermodal repositioning)
  • International (Overseas repositioning)
  • Manufacturing and leasing costs
  • Usage preferences

Once unloaded, an empty container needs to be repositioned to a new location so it can be reused as a transport unit. It is very uncommon that the location where a container is unloaded is also the location where it will be reloaded, so repositioning is required.

An important factor behind the scale and scope of repositioning are trade imbalances. With low imbalances repositioning is not considered a problem while with high imbalances repositioning is not economically feasible. In between, there is a whole range of scales at which a container can be repositioned, with increasing costs.

For very long distance international repositioning, where several modal and intermodal movements are required it can even reach a point that it is cheaper to manufacture a new container than reposition another from a distant location.

TBC Reposition Containers