TBC Transloading Services

TBC Transloading Services

Transloading Services

Trans BC Freightways as a transloading facility, we are strategically located at the crossroads of seven major transportation networks (including CP Rail, BNSF and CN Rail). This strategic location offers a unique opportunity for industry players to integrate our terminal into their logistics matrix and benefit their operations and supply chain.

We provides materials transloading services for mining, pipes, steel bars, agriculture and forestry Industries. Our industrial and transloading facilities are continually expanding to meet your needs. Recent and future developments include.

Transloading Services — Variety of methods are used in the logistics & shipping industries to move products between two destinations. Transloading refers to the process of moving pallets, equipment & other shipments between locations A to B using more than one mode of transportation. First thought about transloading may involve the movement of goods from international countries via ocean freight carriers. After the boat docks, the goods at the port will become transferred to waiting trucks that then head to warehouses and distribution centers. Transloading services stand out as a unique transportation process that can be confused with other terms such as cross-docking or transshipping.

Bulk Transloading — Bulk products loaded/unloaded from truck to railcar, railcar to truck, and railcar to railcar customized loading, unloading, indoor or outside storage and material handling facilities Rail mainline access to western distribution network.

Shipping Methodology - Transloading is a shipping methodology that combines more than one mode of transport where cargo is transferred from one mode to another during the journey. Sometimes it is the only means for which company or organizer can ship cargo from point X to Y and in other instances it serves as an alternative that cuts costs and improves efficiency. Transloading is most commonly used when one method of transportation simply can’t be used to complete the trip of shipment.

Major Benefits of Transloading Services

  • It’s cost-effective - When shipping long haul, transloading can be a cost-effective option because it gives the flexibility to use different shipping methods at competitive prices.
  • It helps expand your reach - With transloading, you can use the various shipment methods to reach different areas, both domestically and internationally.
  • It makes shipping more efficient - Transloading storage facilities create shipment efficiencies for your business. Instead of constantly shipping your items from its point of origin to various locations, you can store the items in a storage facility either near your biggest customers or near your production facility.
  • It simplifies your operations - Shipping bulk or heavy materials can create some challenges, but transloading allows you to consolidate your shipment to make it easier to transport as well as more affordable.

TBC offers transloading and other logistics services. If you’re interested in transloading for your business or are looking for more information, contact us today.